Through her large-scale assemblages and sculptural work, Djuna Day explores the themes of human interconnectedness, relationship and place. Working with a palette of blacks and whites, playing with light and shadow and focusing on primary shapes and raw form, Day creates three dimensional compositions that entreat the viewer to meditate on their place in the world, the nature of their relationship with their surroundings and the frailty of individual existence in the larger universe.

Each of Day’s pieces is executed from a predetermined plan from which she does not deviate once the work has begun. The subsequent building process is meditative, repetitive and often ritualistic, requiring the creation and assembly of thousands of individual pieces of wood over weeks of time. This is craft work and is done without thought for the overall composition but only for the precision of the piece being made and of its placement within the whole. Once the process is complete, Day's focus zooms outward and an assessment of the finished work is made. And she begins again.

Day lives in Toronto with her family and works from the cooperative studio she runs in the city's west end. Her work is held in private collections across Canada and the United States and is available through Mayberry Fine Art in Toronto and Winnipeg.

Djuna Day 2018   ︎   Toronto, Canada